At Exchange we have put together a check list that you can follow at the time of finalising your arrangements to handover the property. We strongly recommend that, if you are using a commercial cleaner, you hand them this checklist.



  • All bench tops, cupboards, doors and shelves to be cleaned inside out, above and under
  • Oven, grill and hot plates to be clean and free of grease, built up grime and stains
  • All oven racks and grill trays to be clean and to remain at the property
  • Sink, drainage hole and base of taps to be scrubbed clean. Plugs to remain at the property
  • Range hood to be degreased inside and out, including the filters
  • The dishwasher seals, rim of the door and filters should be cleaned

Bathroom & Laundry:

  • Shower screen to be clean and free of streaks and soap scum
  • Shower/bath to be free of grime, soap dishes and drainage holes to be clean. Plugs to remain at the property
  • Mirrors, vanity and toilet to be clean
  • All tiled surfaces to be lint and dirt free
  • All mildew to be cleaned off
  • Exhaust fans cleared of dust

Generally throughout property:

  • Ensure all light bulbs are working, if not replace them
  • Windows and window sills to be cleaned inside and out where possible
  • Fly screens to be vacuumed and sills wiped down
  • Walls, light fittings, light switches, skirting boards, doorframes to be cleaned
  • Air conditioning filters cleaned and/or ceiling fans dusted – the filters must be left in the open position for inspection
  • Cob webs to be removed from walls and ceiling
  • Inside cupboards and drawers to be cleaned
  • Carpets to be vacuumed, free of stains and damage
  • Floor coverings to be clean and free of grime, lint and stains
  • Venetian blinds dusted and/or roller blinds cleaned
  • All rubbish to be removed
  • Lawns mowed, edges trimmed, and gardens fully weeded
  • Exterior of house, screen doors and fly screens to be hosed free of dirt and cobwebs
  • Garbage and driveway to be free of oil stains
  • All belongings to be removed from garage, under house and in attics

Attendance to the above matters will save considerable time and will prevent unnecessary delays in returning your bond.